The World Council of Churches

WTA 96- Season 5 Episode 12 The World Council of Churches

It’s the penultimate episode of the penultimate season, so the J’s threw everything plus the kitchen sink at us! Oleg, the PGU, and the Burovs! Stan, Dennis and Sofia! Poor Pasha and Tuan! Paige, Henry, Philip and Elizabeth! Mischa and his unknown kind family! And the beloved Pastor Tim! Stay with us because there is so much going on in The Americans Season 5 Episode 12 “The World Council of Churches” which aired May 23, 2017. It was written by the showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields, and was directed by Nicole Kassell.

This is Episode 96 and contains the news and our episode breakdown and analysis. To hear our history, tech of yesteryear, and feedback segments stay tuned for Episode 97.

A dual interview leads the news this week from TV Fanatic featuring Costa Ronin and Chris Long discussing filming in Russia and Oleg’s Journey. Then real life intersects The Americans’ in The LA Times where we learn that a defense engineer has plead guilty after trying to forge a ‘The Americans’-type pact with a phony Russian spy! Truth is strange as fiction!

Then we try to keep track of all the storylines! We begin with Pastor Tim and Paige talking – he’s heading to Rio! No, Buenos Aires but still. Wonder how that happened? Pasha gets pretty beat up, but it looks like the Morozovs aren’t going anywhere. Yet. Sofia stops by to see Stan and Dennis…with Gennadi! Her fiance! Whoa! Stan and Dennis worry they are being played, and Agent Wolfe chills them out. Henry and Chris make a surprise dinner, with asparagus! Philip and Elizabeth tell Claudia they want to go home. Home home. They see Pastor Tim to get his opinion on what will happen with Paige and Henry if they do. He doesn’t offer one, but he does. Mischa get a visitor – Uncle Pyotr! Then he dines with his newly found family! Oleg denies any involvement with William’s blown operation. He saves Ekaterina from prison, learns the price Yelena paid in the camp, and commiserates over vodka with Igor. Tuan comes up with a novel idea – get Pasha to attempt suicide! Philip and Elizabeth rush over to try to save him…

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