The Americans S5E11 Dyatkovo

WTA 95- Feedback for Dyatkovo

Action? You want action? Elizabeth and Philip deliver the mayhem this week for sure! Plus: the triumphant return of the beloved FBI Mailbot! And we have our friend and special guest host Barb Rankin to boot! It’s The Americans Season 5 Episode 11 “Dyatkovo” which aired May 16, 2017. It was written by Joshua Brand and was directed by Steph Green.

This is Episode 95 and contains our history, tech of yesteryear, and feedback segments. Please check out Episode 94 to get the news and our episode breakdown and analysis.

Historic singing begins at the outset as we join in with Mark Naumovich Bernes and his 1968 Soviet smash hit Zhuravli! Then we drive over to Dyatkovo to get some tasty Kentucky Fried Chicken and it’s finger lickin’ good too! At last we head to Fomina’s office to test out her fancy Russian typewriter! All that action gets us in the mood for your incredible feedback!

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