WTA 08-Season 2 Episode 7 ARPANET

In episode 8 of Watching the Americans we share our thoughts on The Americans season 2 episode 7 entitled, “ARPANET.”  “ARPANET” aired on April 9, 2014, was written by Joshua Brand, and was directed by Kevin Dowling.

In our episode discussion of “ARPANET” we discuss all of the lying and Nina’s ability to beat the polygraph test.  We also talk about Henry spying, Philip wanting the American dream, Philip not pulling the trigger, Charles’ glasses, and what we might get in next week’s episode, “New Car.”

We also talk about the history of silly putty, ARPANET, lie detectors, Cleopatra, Selva Negra Cloud Forest, The Heritage Foundation, The Illegals Program, and Bic pens.

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