WTA 07-Season 2 Episode 6 Behind the Red Door

In episode 7 of Watching the Americans we share our thoughts on The Americans season 2 episode 6 entitled, “Behind the Red Door.” “Behind the Red Door” aired on April 2, 2014, was written by Melissa James Gibson, and was directed by Charlotte Sieling.

In this episode of Watching the Americans we share a news article from TV Guide about the actor who plays Oleg, Costa Ronin. We also share a report from CNN about rumors that Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys are a real life couple, and an article from Entertainment Weekly about the various wigs used in The Americans.

During our discussion about “Behind the Red Door” we talk about Oleg playing Stan as a fool, the red door and why the number 33 is significant, some of the wild and uncomfortable moments of the episode, and the ending goodbyes of Elizabeth and Claudia. We also talk about Optical Character Recognition, dot-matrix printers, and ARPANET, and share some listener feedback!

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