The Americans S5E09 IHOP

WTA 89- Season 5 Episode 9 IHOP

The slow burn of season 5 is really heating up! Henry off to boarding school? Oleg under fire? What will Stan do now? Is Tuan really calling home? And where is Paige? Plus: Martha and Gabriel! We are all eating pancakes and talking about The Americans Season 5 Episode 9 “IHOP” which aired May 2, 2017. It was written by Peter Ackerman and was directed by Dan Attias.

This is Episode 89 and contains the news and our episode breakdown and analysis. To hear our history, tech of yesteryear, and feedback segments stay tuned for Episode 90.

We have fashion news to start this week from JCKOnline showing that you can let ‘The Americans’ be your guide to great ’80s earrings. Then we have a terrific interview in The Hollywood Reporter regarding spies, lies and intuition in a conversation with writer-producer Stephen Schiff!

Then we dig into a short stack of episode goodness opening with Kimmy’s Dad, Afghan blood and…Kimmy at 17! Philip can’t sing Dylan! Stan learns Gaad was killed by the KGB. He sees Gaad’s widow who wants revenge. Oleg is interrogated by the PGU. He goes home and his father tells him his mother came home from the camps broken. Oleg then gets Dmitri to save his son from the war with one name. Philip meets a cryptic priest. Martha gets an unwelcome visit from Gabe and tells him to never return. With the teen boys, Henry want to go to boarding school! Elizabeth can’t find Tuan, so they tail him to Harrisburg PA. And IHOP! He was just calling his sick adopted brother. Right?

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