S5E7 The Committee on Human Rights Feedback

WTA 86- Feedback for The Committee on Human Rights

So it looks like Gabriel is really gone. What about Matthew? And what about Paige’s future? Whoa! Plus our friend Kathleen joins us! We are of course discussing The Americans Season 5 Episode 7 entitled “The Committee on Human Rights, and it aired April 18, 2017. It was written by Hilary Bettis and was directed by series star Matthew Rhys.

This is Episode 86 and contains our history, tech of yesteryear, and feedback segments. Please check out Episode 85 to get the news and our episode breakdown and analysis.

It was hard to pick our history and tech this week since there was so much there! We checked out the latest “news” from TASS, which was all abuzz about the heroic goalie exploits of hockey superstar Vladislav Tretiak. Then we did a mini-movie marathon, crying over Terms of  Endearment and laughing and loving with Breaking Away. That kept our minds off the goins-on at the evil Kraslag camp, which we had to escape using our trusty and speedy Nissan 280Z! Then we have multiple wigs of the week again, followed by terrific feedback!

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