What's the Matter with Kansas

WTA 79- Season 5 Episode 4 What’s the Matter with Kansas?

Does anyone know “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” We do, now that we have seen that very episode of The Americans! It’s Season 5 Episode 4 and it aired March 28, 2017! This episode was written by Gwyneth Horder-Payton and directed by Peter Ackerman.

This is Episode 79 and contains the news and our episode breakdown and analysis. To hear our history, tech of yesteryear, and feedback segments stay tuned for Episode 80.

It’s easy to do the news when our listeners provide it for us! First up from Greg is Paste revealing how The Americans became the best show on television. Then both @apexbuddha and James sent us a cool story from Foreign Policy that offers up the next must-watch TV show – Russia’s version of The Americans!

Then we get into an amazing episode, which begins with Gabriel meeting with Philip and Elizabeth and offering two new targets as sources – both of whom live in Topeka, KS. He insists they take the lead in spite of their protestations. Philip and Elizabeth make contact with their targets and begin the honeypot process. Henry is missing. Again! The Tims return and need Paige to babysit their infant. She then spies on them, finding Pastor Tim’s diary. She tells Elizabeth who insists she stop spying on the Tims. Paige is defiant. In Moscow, Oleg and his new interrogator partner Ruslan cajole Ekaterina into giving up the name of her contact at the brava. They follow leads and the Colonel tells them to use blackmail against the target – his son is in Afghanistan. Oleg protests. He tells his mother that people are trying to get him to do things that could land him in jail. She later reveals her own incarceration for 5 years and that she did whatever it took to survive. Misha is smuggled out of Yugoslavia and makes it to JFK Airport in New York City.

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