The Americans S5E2 Pests

WTA 76- Feedback for Pests

What sort of creatures could be bugging Philip and Elizabeth and Soviet grain? We get a tease in this week’s The Americans Season 5 Episode 2 “Pests” that aired March 14, 2017! It was written by showrunners Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg and directed by Chris Long.

This is Episode 76 and contains our history, tech of yesteryear, and feedback segments. Please check out Episode 75 to get the news and our episode breakdown and analysis.

We have history and crackpot theories combined this week! We start with the US Department of Agriculture and its evolution, then we drive along with Elizabeth to St. Clair County, Illinois. Our theory is only 35 miles away…at Monsanto! Then we retreat to the hothouse and the old school and pick the old-school tech from Master Lock, and after all that we must use Emotional Self-Regulation to maintain control! Then we get some awe-inspiring theories and feedback from our tovarischi!

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