The Americans 4x03 Epcot

WTA 41- Season 4 Episode 3 Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow

Are we going to Epcot this week? Not exactly! Though we might just be needing a vaccine after this week’s The Americans! It’s Season 4 Episode 3 “Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow”, which aired March 30, 2016, which was written by Stephen Schiff and directed by Kevin Dowling.

For your news pleasure, we have some choice items. First up a great overview of the show in Vulture on making ​The Americans great, again, followed by Den of Geek’s review of “Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow”, and then the cool blog Film School Rejects’ piece with the opinion that on The Americans everything is horrible and we’re all doomed!

Then we launch into our episode recap and discuss all of the amazing events, including the confrontation Philip and Elizabeth have with Pastor Tim, Nina facing a very uncertain fate, Stan wanting to enlist Aderholt’s help surveilling Martha, and Gabriel’s turn for the worse. Plus, Epcot!

For our history segment we visit (finally!) the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow, buy some Cabbage Patch Kids, try out Mary Kay cosmetics, and summit Mount Rogers. In tech of yesteryear we get a shot of Chloramphenicol and make sure to keep all our vaccination records inside our Trapper Keeper. Then it’s time for super feedback!

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