The Americans Season 3

WTA 36- The Americans Season 3 in Review Part 1

It’s almost time for the start of another amazing season of the best show on TV, “The Americans”! And as we love to do each year, we take time to break down every episode of Season 3 to get our minds in the game! Plus we have a treat to up the ante – our good friend Kathleen Lewis aka Alternakat joins the mayhem! There was so much material to go over we have split this into two parts!

To begin we have two quick news items. We start with an interesting piece in Slate calling Season 4 a thriller without the thrills, then we move to Inverse which offers us a concise guide of everything you need to remember about ‘The Americans’ before Season 4.

Of course, we think there is something to be said for not being quite so concise, and our discussion dives deep into Episodes 1-6 of Season 3. We break down key events of each episode, point out themes that grew during the season, and of course in these early shows we have to talk about the bone-crunching tooth-cracking action!

Come back later this week for Part II of our takedown of Season 3 in our Episode 36!

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