The Americans 3x13 March 8 1983

WTA 33- Season 3 Episode 13 March 8, 1983

So many people have a bad day in the Season 3 finale of The Americans we can hardly keep track!  It’s Season 3 Episode 13 “March 8, 1983” written by Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields and directed by Daniel Sackheim. The original air date was April 22, 2015.

Paige and Elizabeth journey to West Berlin where they meet Elizabeth’s dying mother. Gabrielle confronts Philip who is becoming more and more unglued. Philip visits another EST seminar where he meets and talks with Sandra. Stan reveals to Gaad that he has been working Oleg and has him on tape confessing treason and Zinaida’s role as a double agent. Gaad furiously tries to have Stan fired and is overruled by the Deputy Attorney General. Philip kills FBI computer specialist Greg and frames him for bugging Gaad’s office. Paige and Elizabeth return home, and Paige tells her mother she doesn’t think she can lie to everyone like her parents do. Philip tries to tell Elizabeth how he is feeling about what he has done and she turns away from him. Elizabeth tells Philip she believes Paige is doing fine with her new knowledge, while Paige weeps in the room next door. She calls Pastor Tim and tells him she is in pain, and that her parents aren’t who they say they are – the are Russians!

We have your latest news! First up we have a great interview by Alan Sepinwall from Hitfix with Joe and Joel and their view that ‘it may be that our sense of bad is changing’. Next up is a piece from Grantland all about Spies in the House of Love, and we wind up with the HuffPo revealing 7 Reasons ‘The Americans’ Was So Addictive This Year.

We have good things for you in history and tech this week! We start with Anton and Nina in their Siberian labor camp, then we listen to President Reagan’s Evil Empire Speech. For tech we fire up the trusty Commodore 64 Computer, pack up our Samsonite Suitcases, and call Pastor Tim on our stylish Princess Phone.

Plus we get your great thoughts about the Season 3 finale!

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