WTA 22-Season 3 Episode 4 Dimebag

The writers will make sure you are very uncomfortable in this week’s episode 304 of The Americans entitled ”Dimebag”. It was written by Peter Ackerman and directed by Thomas Schlamme. The original air date for the episode was February 18, 2015.

“Dimebag” is chock-full of tense moments. Philip and Elizabeth continue their debate about Paige’s future, and their relationship is becoming increasingly frayed. Nina gets a proposition that could save her, and she attempts to get close to her new cellmate as a result. Stan continues trying EST and makes an ill-advised visit to Sandra. He also shares his growing unease with Gaad about the defector Zinaida. Philip takes steps to recruit a new agent to gain access to the CIA Afghani group, and she is the teenaged daughter of the CIA section chief. Paige invites Pastor Tim and his wife Alice to her birthday dinner, and makes a surprising announcement to her family.

In our history segment, we learn about Love Baby Soft from Love Cosmetics, mourn the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, listen to the new wave music sensation Yaz (aka Yazoo), and stop by Harvey’s for some meat. In tech of yesteryear, we are all about the tuneage with the Sony Walkman and the Boombox. Then we finish up by reading the venerable PC Magazine.

In our feedback segment, there are some really great comments, we read out a part of a new Twitter screenplay being developed for Martha and the Mailbot, and we ask actor Kelly AuCoin a question about the scene with the Jennings and he gives us an audio reply. Check out a great profile of him in the Washington Post!

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