The Americans 3x02 Baggage

WTA 20-Season 3 Episode 2 Baggage

A crushing episode awaits you with this week’s all-new The Americans! ”Baggage” was written by Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg, and directed by Daniel Sackheim. The original air date for the episode was February 4, 2015.

After a great start for the season, the ratings news was surprising and disappointing. We check them via Headline Planet.

In this episode, we see the return of Nina, alive and imprisoned at the notorious Leforto prison. From there the scene switches to right where “EST Men” ended up – the hotel where Yousaf met Annalise. Philip calls Elizabeth for help disposing of a body with bone-crunching results. Philip pressures Yousaf to arrange a meeting of CIA operatives involved in the Afghan conflict. Philip and Elizabeth follow Yousaf to his meeting at a bar and surveille. Oleg confronts Stan about Nina and Stan lives to walk away. He goes to Sandra’s new home to talk with her and she pushes him away. Oleg’s father, the Minister of Railways, visits Nina in prison. A woman defects from the USSR and Stan takes charge of her safety. The strain between Elizabeth and Phillip intensifies, and we get a flashback that helps explain why Elizabeth is so adamant about recruiting Paige. At the end of the episode, Elizabeth tells Phillip about her being approached by the KGB at 16 and her mother not hesitating to tell her to serve her country.

In this week’s history segment, we explore Reaganomics, the Leforto Prison, The Soviet Ministry of the Means of Communication  aka Railroads, The Institute for US and Canadian Studies, and the Soviet newspaper Pravda. In our technology of yesteryear we sneak a peek at a KGB Spy Camera, vending machines, and the Oldsmobile Toronado.

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