WTA 14-Season 2 Episode 13 Echo

In this week’s Watching the Americans, we are amazed by the Season 2 finale of The Americans with Episode 13 “Echo.” This mind-blowing and very satisfying episode was written by Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg and it was directed by Daniel Sackheim. The original air date was May 21, 2014.

In the news, we recap the uptick in the finale ratings and agree with The Wire’s “Wig of the Week” selection. We link to a gallery of Season 1 wigs and a story on screeninvasion.com on why The Americans is the best drama on TV. We also find out there is a great charity auction to raise money for the poor that has one prize we would love – a visit to the set of the Americans in Season 3!

For the episode discussion, we see the payoffs for all the action in Season 2. Stan makes a decision while Nina’s fate hangs in the balance. Fred gets the paint for Stealth and pays a steep price for it. Larrick at last makes his move and sets up a classic confrontation with Philip and Elizabeth at the cabin. We learn the identity of the Conner family’s killer, and we see where Jared will end up. Paige takes part in a demonstration that could foreshadow her future. Finally, a familiar face returns and gives new shocking orders to Philip and Elizabeth, who must decide whether or not to follow them.

In our history segment, we rock with Golden Earring and their classic 80s cut Twilight Zone, visit Cheyenne Mountain, and learn about Civil Disobedience/Nonviolent Protests. During tech of yesteryear we boot up a floppy disk, see an EMP grade hardened safe, and sport a Smith & Wesson Ladysmith.

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