The Great Patriotic War

WTA 115- Season 6 Episode 5 The Great Patriotic War

This is probably the first time since the death of Nina that we were left completely speechless by an episode of The Americans! Things are really coming apart at the seams, in every sense in every relationship, from Gennadi and Sofia to Paige, Elizabeth and Philip. We got a surprising and bitter return of Tatiana confronting Oleg! And the turn in the Kimmy and Jim relationship was unbearable. Top that off with Philip making a stand and you have one of the most amazing episodes in six seasons! True horror and sadness are waiting for you in The Americans Season 6 Episode 5 “The Great Patriotic War” which aired April 25, 2018. It was written by Hilary Bettis and directed by Thomas Schlamme.

This is Episode 115 and contains the news and our episode breakdown and analysis. To hear our history, tech of yesteryear, and feedback segments stay tuned for Episode 116.

We have a couple of great news items for you. First up Vulture examines the utter shock of Philip and Paige’s fight. Then it’s time for A/V Club to reveal how The Americans can be a great horror movie, too.

Then we start the show with food delivery man Stan who also serves as best friend and marriage counselor. Paige continues to defy Elizabeth and shows a feral side that takes care of a couple of grabby frat boys, much to Elizabeth and Philip’s dismay. Erica continues to sicken and tries to impart some wisdom to the brick wall known as Elizabeth. Tatiana returns to confront Oleg about his actions years before and he learns she is the reason why the GRU was after him and his family. Claudia teaches Paige about the Soviets in World War II aka The Great Patriotic War and she and Elizabeth demonstrate proper vodka techniques to Paige, resulting in an almost humanizing first-time lovemaking discussion. Elizabeth completes her mission regarding Gennadi with horrific collateral damage involving Sofia and Illya. Most sadly, Elizabeth plays a honeypot on Philip, and she pushes him one step too far to make him take an extreme action with Kimmy. After Philip learns what happened to Gennadi and Sofia, he takes a final stand to save Kimmy.

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