The Americans Tchaikovsky

WTA 110- Feedback for Tchaikovsky

The fast-paced opening of Season 6 shifts into a more deliberate and devolving state for poor overworked Elizabeth! Philip loses a client, and Paige gets musical! We also get Stan: marriage counselor? Plus: FBI Mailbot makes his triumphant return! It’s all in The Americans Season 6 Episode 2 “Tchaikovsky” which aired April 4, 2018. It was written by the showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields, and was directed by Matthew Rhys.

This is Episode 110 and contains our history, tech of yesteryear, and feedback segments. Please check out Episode 109 to get the news and our episode breakdown and analysis.

History and tech have a musical flair this week as we meet Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky who just happens to be toying with our emotions in None but the Lonely Heart, which makes us want to START making sense with Talking Heads who are Speaking in Tongues about Slippery People. Then we visit the ever-dapper Don Regan who throws doubt on Reagan’s Alzheimer’s onset timing. Thank goodness we have a calculator to figure out how much to charge for a vintage lithium-based radiation sensor – they ain’t cheap! We then take a look at the Wigs of the Week:  just before hearing all your terrific feedback!

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