WTA 10-Season 2 Episode 9 Martial Eagle

In this week’s all-new Watching the Americans, we analyze The Americans Season 2 episode 9 entitled “Martial Eagle.” This episode’s story was by Oliver North & Tracey Scott Wilson, the teleplay was by Tracey Scott Wilson, and it was directed by Alik Sakharov. The original air date was April 23, 2014.

In the news, we discuss the latest ratings for the show and The Wire’s feature “Wig of the Week.”

In our episode discussion, we talk about how dark the emotions are for all of the main characters, especially Philip. We go over the startling beginning of the episode and the ramifications that follow. We explore Paige’s big day at church and how that affects her parents. We look at how Stan finally gets clearance to really dig deep into the US government’s Stealth project while simultaneously losing Sandra. Agent Gaad has a surprise meeting with Arkady. Philip goes very dark with his daughter, and also with Martha and with Pastor Tim.  He can barely pull back from more violence in the end.

In our history segment, we learn about Abundant Life from John 10:10, discover invisible rabbits, learn about Alcoholics Anonymous, and find out who Dr. Ruth is. During tech of yesterday we review the audio microcassette.

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