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WTA 12-Season 2 Episode 11 Stealth

In this week’s exciting Watching the Americans, we decode The Americans Season 2 Episode 11 “Stealth.” This dark episode was written by Joshua Brand and it was directed by Gregory Hoblit. The original air date was May 7, 2014.

In the news, we review the latest ratings and dispute The Wire’s “Wig of the Week selection.” We talk about Time’s article that features The Americans’ showrunner Joel Fields aboutwhy there’s so much rape on your favorite TV shows. We also reveal from This Week what The Americans gets wrong about Russian spies, share an LA Times interview with Matthew Rhys, and mention his appearance on the Today show and his knowledge of the 80s TV show “The A-Team.”

In our episode discussion, we talk about the word “Stealth” and how much it permeates this episode. In the Soviet Union we see what Anton and Vasili have been doing about Stealth technology. Philip befriends someone who may have crucial information about how to create key components of Stealth. Elizabeth once again confronts Paige about her involvement with the church and makes a surprising decision. Arkady pushes Nina to step up her efforts with Stan, and she makes a desperate plea for Stan’s aid. Stan and Sandra reach a an emotional abyss. Larrick returns and has a violent confrontation with Kate. Elizabeth visits Jared and witnesses an unexpected encounter. The Jennings discover that something is very wrong and must protect Jared.

In our history segment, we go to Vietnam and learn about the Battle of Hamburger Hill and the notorious gangster John Dillinger. During tech of yesteryear we take off in an SR-71, and learn how to use a one-time pad to make unbreakable codes.

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