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The Americans 4x02 Pastor Tim

WTA 40- Season 4 Episode 2 Pastor Tim

Holy cats is The Americans is off to an amazing start! The tension is unbearable in Season 4 Episode 2 entitled “Pastor Tim”, which aired March 23, 2016, was written by executive producers Joel Fields & Joe Weisberg, and directed by Chris Long!

Two really cool news items start the show this week. First up is a thoughtful piece from Refinery29 with the opinion that The Americans is making an important point about rape. Next we have The New York Times with Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields discussing ‘The Americans,’ Ronald Reagan and Pastor Tim.

We get into our episode discussion from the title and presence or lack thereof of Pastor Tim, two deaths that affect Elizabeth and Oleg, the developing relationship between Elizabeth and Philip, and Paige’s unexpected turn with Elizabeth. Then we have some tidbits from history including the organization CISPES, the cool 80s tune Tainted Love by the synth-pop band Soft Cell, and the city of Vladivostok. In tech of yesteryear we have the invention of the Cooler! Finally it’s on to your feedback about all the craziness this week!

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