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I Am Abassin Zandran

WTA 32-Season 3 Episode 12 I Am Abassin Zadran

Poor Martha and Paige! It’s their time to shine in The Americans’ Season 3 Episode 12 “I Am Abassin Zadran” written by Peter Ackerman & Stuart Zicherman and directed by Christopher Misiano. The original air date was April 15, 2015.

Paige continues to angrily question her parents about her history and place in the world. She escapes by going to Pastor Tim and Alice’s house, and Philip and Elizabeth take her back home. Stan makes an unexpected visit to Martha. He later confronts Aderholt about his insinuations and accusations. Lisa’s husband Maurice inserts himself into her undercover work for Michelle. Oleg and Tatiana attempt to persuade Arkady to continue Operation Zephyr in the FBI using the Mailbot. Philip and Elizabeth meet Mujahideen leader Abassin Zadran and goad him into attacking his fellow leaders. Claudia returns and Gabriel meets with her to discuss the Jennings. Martha is picked up by Hans who takes her to meet Clark. She shares her panic with Clark who tries to reassure and calm her. Martha continues to unravel, calls home, and prepares to go there. Clark arrives and stops her by revealing more of himself by removing his toupee. He is not bald!

Two fun news items await us! First is a great interview with fan favorite Margo Martindale who gets candid in the Hollywood Reporter about her role as Claudia and what may be in store next season. Then we take a look at the latest and greatest review from Alan Sepinwall from Hitfix and his What’s Alan Watching review of this episode. Alan writes some of the best stuff out there so do check it out!

Lots of history and one bit of tech are here this week! We start by saying farewell to Hawkeye and the gang on the last episode of M*A*S*H called “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen”, then take a break to read about feudal Japan in Shōgun while we nosh on a delicious Kolach. Next we journey with Gabriel to Sergach and catch a showing of the great dark film King of Comedy. Finally, we wind down and we mean down with Ultravox’s “Vienna”, played of course on our vintage clock radio.

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