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The Americans Season 3 Episode 5 Salang Pass

WTA 23-Season 3 Episode 5 Salang Pass

If you thought last week’s show was making you uncomfortable, this week’s episode of The Americans entitled ”Salang Pass” will double down on the discomfort level. It was written by Stephen Schiff and directed by Kevin Dowling. The original air date for the episode was February 25, 2015.

In this episode, Philip struggles with his mission and using Kimberly as an asset. He and Elizabeth continue their argument over Paige and telling her the truth about themselves. Stan asks Oleg’s help in finding out if Zinaida is actually a Russian spy posing as a defector, with Nina’s release as a bargaining chip. Gabriel pushes Philip to work with Kimberly. Stan has an awkward moment at the Jennings household. Elizabeth takes extreme measures to secure a transfer to a new Northrop plant for Lisa. Philip gets inside Kimberly’s house to start his mission.  At home, Philip remembers his honey pot training, causing Elizabeth and Philip to bare their psyches to one another.

In our history segment, we learn about the devastating Salang Pass Tunnel Fire, read the US anti-contra Boland Amendment, listen to a A Flock of Seagulls, and pop up some Jiffy Pop popcorn. In tech of yesteryear, we burn rubber with the Datsun 240Z and groove along with the sounds of music synthesizers.

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