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WTA 13-Season 2 Episode 12 Operation Chronicle

In this week’s exciting Watching the Americans, we decode The Americans Season 2 Episode 12 “Operation Chronicle.” This sad and thrilling episode was written by Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg and it was directed by Andrew Bernstein. The original air date was May 14, 2014.

In the news, we recap the latest ratings and once again dispute The Wire’s “Wig of the Week” selection. We mention two fun interviews, one with “Martha” aka Alison Wright in the Huffington Post and another on NPR with Matthew Rhys.

For the episode discussion, we follow the action as the ramifications from earlier this season are finally coming to a head.  We see the imminent danger ahead for Jared and Elizabeth’s attempt to protect him. Larrick closes in on his targets. Philip and Elizabeth turn to Fred to get crucial samples of the Stealth paint while playing on his ego. Stan and Sandra come to a fateful decision. Stan tries to help protect Nina and meanwhile, Oleg is doing the same thing. Arkady turns the tables on Stan and ups the ante regarding Nina’s future. And Martha makes a very surprising revelation regarding Clark.

In our history segment, we go to journey to space with Kirk, Khan and the crew from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and meet Jim Corrigan aka the Spectre. During tech of yesteryear we ride in the Chrysler K-Car.

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