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WTA 21-Season 3 Episode 3 Open House

Adventures in dentistry await you in this week’s all-new The Americans entitled ”Open House”. It was written by Stuart Zicherman and directed by Thomas Schlamme. The original air date for the episode was February 11, 2015.

After the ratings news bummer last time, there is reason to feel better via Deadline with the DVR numbers added in for last week’s show. We also get the ratings from this week from Headlineplanet. There are a couple of neat stories, one from Hitfix with a Keri Russell interview, another interview via Vulture with director Thomas Sclamme and the story behind The Americans’ excruciating, beautifully shot tooth-pulling scene, and we wind up with both TVLine eyeing the return of Claudia and the Dallas Morning News teasing Margo Martindale is returning to The Americans.

Tonight’s episode starts with Philip at Gabriel’s apartment, playing a game of Scrabble. They discuss Paige’s future, with Philip arguing for her to choose her own path and Gabriel assuring that she will. Gabriel warns Philip about their recently selected CIA target Ted Paaswell being someone under observation and to be careful. Elizabeth and Philip remain very distant with one another while having another discussion about Paige. They later spy on Paaswell and plant a bug on an early cell phone he has. They follow him to listen to his conversations, and Elizabeth realizes they are being followed by the CIA. Philip escapes and gets Elizabeth help. After a harrowing chase, she returns home in severe pain and Philip takes action to relieve it. He revisits Gabriel who warns him off Paaswell for now, but Philip and Elizabeth tail him again and make a startling discovery.

In our history segment, we learn econ with Sir John Richard Hicks and Evgeny Evgenievich Slutsky, see the cover of Time Magazine from November 22, 1982, get more econ via the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, and try to unwind with a friendly game of Scrabble. In our technology of yesteryear we make a call with a Bag Phone and watch an old-timey TV Sign Off.

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