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WTA 09-Season 2 Episode 8 New Car

In this week’s all-new Watching the Americans, we analyze The Americans Season 2 episode 8 entitled “New Car.” This episode was written by Peter Ackerman and directed by John Dahl. The original air date was April 16, 2014.

In the news, we discuss the exciting announcement of the renewal of The Americans for Season 3, discuss the latest ratings uptick and the surprise involvement of Oliver North with an upcoming episode.

In our episode discussion, we talk about Lucia’s inability to let go of her hatred for Larick and its consequences, Philip’s rash new purchase and Elizabeth’s reaction to it, and the difference in Philip and Elizabeth’s views about living in America.  Throughout the episode there are themes about what it is to be a “good person”, how the characters view “right” and “wrong”, and the balance between making decisions based on emotion or based on a greater cause. We also look at how the various KGB agents react after they learn that one of their operations may have resulted in the deaths of Soviet submariners, and end with Henry’s feelings about himself after being caught doing something wrong.

In our history segment, we rock with the Stray Cats, and go to Gorky Park, while during tech of yesterday we review the U.S. Stealth Technology program, pinball, and the ultra-cool third generation Camaro Z28.

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