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WTA 39- Season 4 Episode 1 Glanders

At long last, Season 4 of the best show on television aka “The Americans” is here! It’s an incredible debut entitled “Glanders”, it aired March 16, 2016, was written by executive producers Joel Fields & Joe Weisberg, and was directed by Thomas Schlamme!

We have a couple of great news items to begin this week! First up is The WaPo confirming that yes, ‘The Americans’ is still the best drama on television, followed by Variety talking to co-showrunner Joel Fields about Martha, Stan and Planning a series finale. Then we get into our episode recap and discussion, discussing the introduction of biowarfare, Martha and Clark, the new illegal William, and the confrontation between Stan and Philip. In our history segment we go over the disease Glanders and the KGB’s mysterious Department 12, then in tech we delve into the ins and outs of biological warfare. We wind up the week with lots of terrific feedback!

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