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His Dark Materials

BONUS: Welcome to The Alethiometer: A His Dark Materials Podcast

Welcome to Lyra’s world! We are Sara and Chip, hosts of the podcast Watching The Americans,  which explored the world of Soviet spycraft in the 1980s on FX’s “The Americans”. Now we are turning to another place and time, that of our heroine Lyra Belacqua, and the adventures that lie ahead for her in the HBO/BBC series “His Dark Materials”.

Every week our annotated podcast will do a deep dive into this strange new world, including scene breakdowns, extensive commentary on dialogue, plot, and characters. We will share news about the show, and point out some of the cool differences in Lyra’s world from ours. Plus we’ll have a segment for book readers that discusses similarities and differences from books to show, and speculation on future events.

This week’s introduction tells you a bit about us, our backgrounds and experiences in podcasting, and our love of Philip Pullman’s wonderful books that are the basis of the show.
We love to hear your thoughts about His Dark Materials, so please send them in! You can email text or audio feedback to alethiometerpodcast@gmail.com or call us at 919-907-0542. Follow us on Twitter @alethiometerpod. Please like us on our Facebook page The Alethiometer. Our homepage also has our show and links to info each week at www.thealethiometer.com. And if you do enjoy the show, kindly rate us or better yet rate and review us in your favorite podcast app!