The Soviet Division

WTA 98- Season 5 Episode 13 The Soviet Division

What a gripping ending to the penultimate season of The Americans! We start out with a bloody mess, get a beautiful moment in Moscow, check in with many of our characters, and wind up ever more tortured with Philip and Elizabeth and an uncertain future! This was all in Season 5 Episode 13 “The Soviet Division” which aired May 30, 2017. It was written by the showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields, and was directed by Chris Long.

This is Episode 98 and contains the news and our episode breakdown and analysis. To hear our history, tech of yesteryear, and feedback segments stay tuned for Episode 99.

We start the news via ‎field reporter Don Trepczyk with the exciting announcement in Variety that Keri Russell received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Then NBC has a cool and revealing interview with Tuan aka Ivan Mok who draws inspiration from family history. We wind up in the UK with The Guardian’s look at secrets, lies, the new cold war and how The Americans has become truly topical TV!

Then it’s time to get into the thrilling finale! Picking up right after last week, Philip, Elizabeth and Tuan meet the Morozovs outside their house and Pasha…has cut himself! He is rushed to the hospital and will recover. Evgenhiya is going to take him back to Moscow, without Alexei, who says he will never go back. Philip and Elizabeth talk with Tuan, and he chastises their petty bourgeois concerns. Martha takes a stroll with Volody. He shows her a little orphan, Olya, whom Gabriel found for her, maybe to adopt! Where is Oleg? Renee has a convenient excuse to move in with Stan, who tells her he wants to change jobs at the FBI – and she doesn’t want him to! Gennadi passes a polygraph with flying colors! Henry gets into St. Edward’s then Philip tells him tough cookies bub! You are staying home! Paige says goodbye yellow brick road to the Tims. She later spars with Elizabeth who belts her but good! Philip sees Kimmy for maybe the last time…until he learns Daddy Breland is the new head of the CIA’s Soviet Division! He contemplates tossing the tape that reveals this but doesn’t. He apologizes to Paige about her life, and then takes a walk with Elizabeth. He shares the tape contents, and they discuss what to do. Elizabeth says she can’t do this anymore, that she is making him stay here. And it just keeps getting worse for him and she doesn’t want to see him like this anymore. And scene! Only 10 long months to go until we find out what’s next!

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