The Americans S6E1 Dead hand

WTA 107- Feedback For Dead Hand

And so it begins…the last Season of The Americans! What a debut for us this week – we jump back to the future three years and enter a world familiar yet changed. We check in with the gang – Stan & Dennis, Oleg, and of course the Jennings. Plus we have surprising returns including Claudia and Arkady! And things aren’t looking so hot for Philip and Elizabeth who have diverged over the interim. It took a plus-sized show to set us up and we get one in The Americans Season 6 Episode 1 “Dead Hand” which aired March 28, 2018. It was written by the showrunners Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields, and was directed by Chris Long.

This is Episode 107 and contains our history, tech of yesteryear, and feedback segments. Please check out Episode 106 to get the news and our episode breakdown and analysis.

With three years gone, there is so much history to cover, but first we take a moment to sneak into the theater and check out out the Oscar-winning Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears. That’s just before we head to DC and try to get a peak at the Washington Summit featuring Ronnie and Gorby! We wonder if Gorby can keep control of the Strategic Rocket Forces who have a tight grip on the Dead Hand, which is pretty much what Robert Bork will be playing soon thanks to the U.S. Senate. To calm us down, we turn up some Crowded House because we could swear we just saw a Soviet SS-20 outside the window! No doubt we will flee in our Camaro and alert the media with our awesome floor-mounted Car Phone! Then it’s time for more incredible feedback than we have ever gotten!

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